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For the section dedicated to varieties which are rich of CBD, we have chosen the one that in our opinion is the best regarding taste and medical effect. It’s not a case that, this sativa dominant hybrid, almost always has a THC-CBD ratio of 1:3, and never under 1:2. Furthermore, the plant has enthused us with its very sweet taste of mango and its tropical scents, which are accentuated during flowering phase, thanks to its ancestor, Nepali and Thai.

The plant blooms in 8-9 weeks, it is of medium size and forms long and heavy tops, which the Kush gene covers with scented resin. It excellently lends itself to several extraction techniques of resin and hash. It produces a relaxing effect, not narcotic and a pleasant sensation of psycho-physical well-being, which will make you happy and carefree. The medical value showed by this wonderful strain, makes it optimal to fight stress, depression and relieve pains and inflammations. The plant is suitable for different types of farming techniques and it adapts to every surrounding environments. The easy management, in addition to its unique aroma and its high medical value, makes this plant perfect for your collection.


Sativa 65% - Indica 35%

Genetic: (Kimbo Kush x Sour Tsunami) x Harlequin

THC: 5-7% CBD: 11-16%

Effect: Happy Relax

Aroma : Fruity Pineapple and Mango


Harvest Indoor : 450-600gr/m2

Harvest Outdoor : 400-650gr./plant


55/60 days, early October

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