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Native to Colorado, this variety is made from the union between an OG Kush Original (male) and a Strawberry Diesel (female).

The plant has a medium-high size, well branched and its pointy buds cover themselves with a clearly visible layer of resin, that in fact make it very suitable for different extraction techniques. Although it is a Sativa dominant plant, this strain quickly blooms both indoor in about 65 days, and outdoor in the first half of October with very generous harvests. It resists very well to high temperatures but it is little tolerant to oversights regarding the irrigation phase. It adapts to every environment and it is ideal for crops with Scrog technique.

This strain has very high thc levels, confirmed around 32%, and this page is exactly dedicated to those who are looking for strong and cerebral emotions. You will feel its effect starting from the head as soon as you will have finished to smoke it, it is a real shot of life. It is also used in the medical field, its properties give energy and happiness, they fight stress, depression, fatigue and stimulate appetite. Its strong fuel aroma is accompanied by a slightly citrus aftertaste which will release in your mouth all its sweetness. Indispensable.

AWARD: 3 Place - Outdoor Category - Copa Aquelarre Respaldo, Argentina 2021


Sativa 65% - Indica 35%

Genetic: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel

THC: 26-32% CBD: 0,5-1%

Effect: Energizing, cheerful and recreative

Aroma : Strong and pungent Diesel


Harvest Indoor : 500-700gr/m2

Harvest Outdoor : 750gr.-1,1kg./plant


62/70 days, mid-October

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