If you are a hemp enthusiast, and you want to work in the sector you love, with Domus Seeds you have the

opportunity you were waiting for to put your passion and your knowledge into practice, and become part

of a consolidated and winning team, where you will continue make your dream come true.

Just like the cannabis sector, Domus Seeds has also grown out of all proportion, as evidenced by the many

awards received in recent times. But having award-winning genetics is not enough to remain at the top of

the sector, you need people with a high professional level, of whom we are always looking for.

We are looking for professional figures to strengthen the work team, to continue to assist customers with

the same quality and professionalism as always, thus guaranteeing us an increasingly green and satisfying

future, together with you.

If you have knowledge of the sector and consider yourself a responsible person, look at the vacancies and

contact us through the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Available roles:

* Cannabis Blogger

If, on the other hand, these roles are not for you, because you are ambitious and have business ideas

outside the box, read below:

Are you an entrepreneur with a project to develop with us?

Do you want to use our brand for commercial purposes?

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